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Q. Can I be picked up and dropped off from different places for my lessons?
A. Yes, you can be met at college or work and dropped off at home for example.

Q. Can I contact you by email?
A. Yes, you can contact us at: ''. Please bear in mind that email is not routinely checked and that you might be best placed to call directly on: 07534 924200.

Q. Can I have evening or weekend lessons?
A. Mick James works most evenings, however, free time at weekends is now extremely limited. By all means enquire about booking in advance but with regret it's unlikely that there will be any weekend space at short notice.

Q. How much does it cost to learn to drive?
A. The cost of learning will depend on factors such as how much experience the candidate already has and how much private tuition they get. The DVSA advise that it can take up to forty-five (45) hours of professional tuition and twenty (20) hours average of private practice. See: Pricing for current hourly rates.

Q. I have a disability, can you teach me?
A. Yes, subject to a students suitability to drive, Mick James has achieved the necessary QEF Mobility Standard. Presently, however, lessons are subject only to availability of an appropriately adapted vehicle – please enquire.

Q. What if there is bad weather on my test day?
A. If uncertain, call the test centre two hours before. For more information, see the short film below.

Q. What is the difference between an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) and PDI (Potential Driving Instructor)?
A. An ADI has passed all qualifying exams to become a driving instructor whereas a PDI has not yet successfully taken their final exam. Statistically a high percentage of PDI's will not go on to complete the pre-requisite test of their instructional ability.

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To further support you online, you will find useful information throughout and a number of Youtube Directgov, Driving Standards, and Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency short films. Video buffer times may vary.

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