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Driving at Night

For a considerable period of the year you may find that you are driving in the dark. The biggest difference between day and night driving is visibility, not just your ability to see other road users but also their ability to see you. Most urban roads have lighting but move away from the town centre and you will find that there are only cats' eyes (reflective studs).

In urban areas use dipped headlights and keep alert, pedestrians are very difficult to see. If you are in rural areas using main beam you should avoid dazzling oncoming vehicles by changing back to dipped headlights in plenty of time. You must not sound your horn between the hours of 11.30pm and 7am except to warn a moving vehicle of your presence.

Passed your test, chuffed, over the moon! No doubt family and friends will be delighted for you, so no need to impress them. Allow plenty of time, drive safely, no less so at night, it's all too easy to be distracted… take a look at the short film below.

To further support you online, you will find useful information throughout and a number of Youtube Directgov, Driving Standards, and Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency short films. Video buffer times may vary.

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